What is MoneyTreeTeam all about?

MoneyTreeTeam is a business opportunity platform created for Nigerians to start and Build a profitable business in the FOOD INDUSTRY upon.

MoneyTreeTeam is helping Nigerians to sit over a possible market of over 80Million Nigerians.


MoneyTreeTeam is therefore welcoming you to tap into the wealth in the Food Industry without having your own product – but by just becoming a distributor with N3500 (Upgrade Fee) Plus N8200 (Cost of 1 Pack of Our Product)

What Product Does MoneyTreeTeam Offer?


Our cocoa powder is known and acceptable for its Personal and Industrial use. Read more about the Product on the HomePage of our website.

Is It Compulsory We Sell Product?

NO! NO!! NO!!!

You may not sell product. You can focus only on sharing the program with others and Earn N2000 performance bonus on each new person you refer.

How does The MoneyTreeTeam Platform work?

Its very simple. It offers both Performance Bonus and Residual Income

As a distributor, you shall be paid N2000 for each new Distributor you recruit into the company. And you will earn residual income of 8% on each product purchase the person gets.

For example, If you recruit Mr A. and the person upgrades, you will earn a commission of N2000.

If the person also makes a purchase of the Product on the same day, you will get 8% Commission from that purchase. In the same vein, if Mr A purchases 2 packs each week, you shall earn 8% all time even till the next 10 years.

Your Commission will be paid into your Local Bank Account submitted EVERY MONDAY!

How Can I Become A Distributor On MoneyTreeTeam Platform ?

Becoming a distributor is just in 3 steps.

Step One:

Register here:

Use "Mtt" and sponsor name

Step Two:

Upgrade your account to distributor status with N3500

Step Three:

Purchase at least one pack of the product for N8200.


You can also become a distributor by joining through a SUPER DISTRIBUTOR near you. You can also purchase the Product also at N8200 from them. If you cant find a Super Distributor near you. You also can take position in your area, and we shall refer prospective distributors to you. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST OF SUPER DISTRIBUTORS.

How do I pay for upgrade?

Our system at the moment accepts only, an online payment platform that receives payment using Debits Cards. It accepts VISA CARD, MASTERCARD & VOGUEPAY.

To Upgrade:

Step One:

Login to your account, using the details you registered with.

Step Two:

Scroll down and click on SUBMIT FORM, then it will take you to another Page

Step Three:

On the new page, scroll down to the foot and click submit order. You have to Pay your N3500..Using the VoguePay...just click on your type of Card and continue with payment.

How can I buy the product?

You can only order for the product through the Distributor Member area, which means its only certified Distributor can purchase the product. Already a member? Log-in to your member area, when logged in, click on the link Product, then choose the numbers of pack you want to buy and check out.

If you not Internet savvy, ask someone to show you the first time. Its easy!

Am not In Lagos, How Can I Receive The Product.

Well, you don’t have to live in Lagos to become a distributor or order for our product.

This is the way it works. Order your product from the Member Area, and checkout to pay with your Debit Card, once you complete your order, we shall fulfill your order by shipping it to you through EMS Speedpost. Your order will be delivered to you anywhere you are in Nigeria through EMS Speedpost.

Get Started With N3,500 Distributor Activation Fee - To Earning With MoneyTreeTeam

You Will Never Walk Alone - We are here to Teach & Lead You Through The Path -